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Air Conditioning Services

Al Arif provides a wide range of air conditioning services that promote cleaner and more comfortable surroundings, in residential properties, offices, restaurants, warehouses, clinics, hospitals and industrial units. Al Arif is specialist in the Engineering, Design, Supply and Installation of HVAC Systems.

Residential Uses

Most people spend around 90% of their time indoors. Considering that indoor air can be anywhere from 2 to 10 time more polluted than outdoor air, it is a must to have high quality air conditioning, air filtration and air purification, which is a priority for you & your family. With our safe and proven systems you can keep your home or office away from mold, germs, volatile organic compounds, odours and reduce airborne particles.

Commercial Uses

50% of all major office buildings suffer from contaminated air conditioning, ventilation or systems. Indoor air quality has become a matter of concern in the recent years due to increased population, high level of industrial activity, increasing number of cars and the growth in drug resistant bacteria and viruses. Would we rather build more clinics and hospitals or find ways to improve the ambient conditions for healthy living?

We breathe in billions of particles every day. Indoor air quality problems are from three basic categories (particulates, microbial and gases): Particulate is dust, smoke or very small particles. Cooling systems with a filter does not aid much in reducing particulate and microbial and gases, as these filters were generally not designed for air quality. Rather, they were designed to keep the HVAC equipment clean.

Central Air Conditioner Installation

Using our high quality systems, air purification units plus regular maintenance helps to control the growth of mould, bacteria and viruses. Our technologies help to reduce airborne microbial throughout your entire building by using proven and safe Hydro-peroxides to actively cleanse the air. Correct selection of the products and correct calculation of cooling load and ventilation requirement can create a comfortable, healthier atmosphere and will also save cost.

When it comes to industrial and kitchen ventilation, it is important to provide a comfortable and clean environment to the staff. This in turn confirms higher productivity and better service at these locations. A kitchen should be free from odours, excessive humidity and smoke.

Our Solutions

Our products include a range of ducted systems and purification units, alongside standalone units that filter and purify air, control odours, and monitor air quality. We use latest software for heat load calculation and design of HVAC system and our technicians are handy with latest equipment’s such as Air flow meters, Manometers, Air Capture Hoods, Ultrasonic BTU meters and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

No matter the size, design or layout of your home or office or commercial unit, we can supply, install and maintain a high quality air conditioning system that improves the quality of life for your family and employees.

What we offer:

  • Ducted air conditioning systems or standalone Conditioner units.
  • Air cleaning units for cleaner air
  • Installation, service and repair of all systems including chillers, AHU’s, FAHU’s, Ecology Units, VRV / VRF systems.
  • Duct Cleaning.
  • Kitchen Hoods Cleaning.
  • Leading RGF Environmental products and technology

We can also offer central systems that control the air and temperature throughout a building or split systems that allow you to control individual rooms or zones within your building.

If you’re looking for high quality air conditioner services, please get in touch to see how we can help you.


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