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MEP services in Dubai

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services are the kind of services that are unsung of and represent the foundation of the design world. These services are offered in Dubai but are often hidden behind walls, ceilings, and stalls of buildings and plants. That said, the impact of MEP services is underrated and can only noticed when there is a predicament. In essence, the MEP systems in Dubai work hand in hand to integrate a seamless design in the existing designs across the UAE.

Types of service

Al Arif’s capabilities in MEP contracting is founded on the need to provide feasible and affordable designs. The company’s devotion lies on the discovery and development of solutions that are a perfect fit for the client’s goals and budgets. The complete range of services offered by Al Arif as an MEP contractor include ventilation, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, utility distribution and fire protection services.

Mechanical services

The company’s mechanical experience is evidence by the pool of professionals in mechanical engineering whose capabilities range from the installation of a package unit to serve a small rooms to the complete design of a plant that is able to accommodate 3000 ton chilled water system to run an entire facility. Services offered also encompass the repair, analysis and upgrade of HVAC system.

Electrical services

The experience in electrical designs include:

  • Lighting services
  • Power conditioning
  • Power distribution that includes Underground, Overhead, and High
  • Voltage connections.
  • Instrumentation
  • Control of industrial processes
  • Emergency power

Plumbing services

Plumbing services include:

  • Bulk oxygen system
  • Domestic water and Gravity sewer systems
  • Booster pump system
  • Storm drain pump and sewer systems
  • D.I and Domestic water system
  • Vacuum and Central medical air systems
  • Gravity sewers fitted with emergency retention reservoirs
  • Natural gas and Acid waste piping
  • Hot and cold water systems for industries
  • Fuel and oil systems to power generators.

Areas of application

The scope of MEP contracting services offered by Al Arif is wide and encompasses many sectors including Pharmaceutical, Food, MedTech and private Sectors. The consultancy and design solutions offered by the MEP contractor in Dubai are innovative with the core ethos aimed at creating efficient energy designs. For the years Al Arif has been in operation, the company has self-delivered its services to clients who constitute commercial, corporate and residential entities requiring assistance with maintenance and installation works in buildings or units.

Equipment used for design procedures

The talented pool of professional engineers at the company are well proficient in using tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, and other design specific software to carry out their tasks. The mechanical team prefers the optimization of OPEX & CAPEX as the most suitable criteria for HVAC designs. Additionally, the qualified team of plumbers ensures that appropriate designs are used to enhance fluids are properly received and distributed throughout the entire plant. In truism, the system design is based on a “whole building and land” mentality.

With vast experience across a variety of industrial application, Al Arif MEP systems are focused on delivering top-notch engineering services using modern planning, scheduling and maintenance techniques that are flexible, economic and responsive from the smallest to the complex layouts.


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