Commercial Ventilation Systems

Kitchen ventilation systems

Al Arif provides, installation and maintenance of high quality ventilation systems for commercial kitchens, industrial kitchens and food processing factories.

If you’re involved in commercial kitchens or a food production plants you know how important it is to keep the area clean and free from bacteria and germs. A large part of this effort should be focused on maintaining good air quality and reducing potential hazards from the environment.

Why do you need a commercial kitchen ventilation system?

Illness caused by contaminated food is still one of the most widespread health problems. The majority of foodborne illnesses are caused by bacteria and viruses. However, by reducing or completely eliminating microbial contamination, businesses can cut the associated health costs, corporate liability, along with wasted food. A cleaner and healthier working environment reduces absenteeism and boosts productivity.

What we offer

Our kitchen ventilation systems ensure optimum health and safety, reducing airborne microbial by using safe and effective Photohydroionization (PHI) patented technology from RGF Environmental.

Our products include air pollution control systems, air purification systems, odour control, U.V lights and other degreasing systems that maintain the highest hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen.

Types of kitchen ventilation Systems

Use one or a combination of the following types of ventilation systems to control your kitchen environment.

  • Cooking Ventilation.
  • Mechanical ventilation.
  • Demand Control ventilation.
  • Treated Fresh Air Systems.
  • Make up air systems.

Our products include everything from in-duct air purifiers to clean and purify your existing systems from mould, germs, viruses and chemical odours to stand alone air purification systems, fans, bacteria and odour control systems.

If you want to deliver the best quality air control in your commercial kitchen, contact us to see how we support businesses like yours.


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