Odour control systems

Odour control systems

These systems are primarily designed to reduce or completely eliminate scents of bad smell within an air supply. Applied in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, these odour control products are meant to neutralize awful smells thus improving air quality. Although not all odorous emissions can physically harm your body, odours with unpleasant smells can distract your concentration, productivity and even the quality of life.

If an unpleasant odour persists, pollution control equipment fitted with smell control systems that are often masked with stronger and more pleasant smells are used for installation even though their services are temporary. Alternatively, the odour and VOC’s can be permanently eliminated. With active air purifications systems such as REME (Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy), PHI Cells (Photo Hydro Ionization) the results are astonishing. This can be combined with ESP (Electro Static Precipitator), Carbon filtration or HEPA purifying systems for different applications. With Al Arif A/C Systems, there is always a solution even to the toughest problem.


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